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“Our birth story actually begins back in 2016 when we first started trying to conceive. At 27, I expected we’d be pregnant within a year even with my husband’s successful vasectomy reversal. Since I’m writing our birth story in 2020, that obviously wasn’t the case.

I could write a book on our journey to conceiving Marshall, but I’ll keep it short and to the point. We started with 3 IUIs (medicated cycles doing insemination), then went on to do 5 IVF retrievals and 7 embryo transfers with a total of 15 embryos. Almost all of it failed, though one transfer worked, but we lost our daughter at 9 weeks of pregnancy. By the time we got to transfer #7, we were getting to the end. I still had a few left in me, but we were exhausted. Marshall was definitely the little embryo that could. Graduating from Brown Fertility was honestly something I never thought would happen.

From the start of this pregnancy, there was just a peace about it that I knew it would work out. After all our failures and the miscarriage, it shocked me that I could even feel that way. Maybe it was simply exhaustion from fighting an uphill battle the whole way, but I embraced it.

At 14 weeks, I contacted Dallas about her services. From that point on, she was an amazing and valuable resource for the « Is this normal? » questions I didn’t feel warranted an OB. We hit it off pretty well in my opinion and talked with increasing frequency as pregnancy went on.

It’s worth noting that I was considered a high risk pregnancy from the start. I was very used to medical intervention and lots of doctors visits so for me it was simply continuing business as usual. My birth plan from the start was « Mom and baby leave the hospital alive and well. » I had preferences beyond that, but pretty much got a big fat zero in achieving any of those.

At 37+6 around 5am after becoming an Olympic sized swimming pool of amniotic fluid (seriously so much I couldn’t even feel Marshall move any more), my water broke. I texted Dallas after I realized it broke, told my husband to go to work as I felt no contractions and then got a nice hot shower and called my mom to come with me to the hospital. All of this very calmly and super chill because that’s just my personality. As we were getting in the car, I finally called Full Circle to let them know my water broke and I was headed to the hospital.

Of course we stopped at Starbucks on the way to the hospital. I only regret not getting a bigger breakfast before we went. If you’re pregnant, go get a good breakfast before you go to the hospital if it’s not urgent. Preferably something filling.

Once at the hospital, we got to visit triage (for a third time this pregnancy) to make sure we were acceptable for delivery. Let me tell you something about having polyhydramnios… there’s A LOT of fluid. I went to the bathroom and left a trail of it there. It got in my Crocs (best hospital shoes, y’all). I soaked through the pads they had on the bed. It was a puddle of amniotic goodness. All I felt was relief from the pressure of that Olympic size swimming pool.

Marshall was entirely content to stay right where he was and my body was stupid about what it was supposed to be doing. Like having contractions. That important step in getting itself ready to have a baby. Y’all, my body is dumb about anything to do with reproduction.

This is where the real fun began and I did call for my husband to join us and for Dallas to head our way. My body didn’t progress on its own so we start misoprostol so my cervix will begin dilating. My body doesn’t like the misoprostol, so like a toddler, it throws a fit and we go into preeclampsia. My blood pressure shoots up to the 190s/110s. Oral meds don’t bring it down, so out comes the magnesium drip. Magnesium sucks, do not recommend.

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